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Susan Winter Ward Accessible, award-winning yoga programs for people over 50
Susan Winter Ward, Internationally Accliamed Yoga Instructor
   Yoga for the Young at Heart
is an award-winning series of yoga videos created especially for baby boomers, seniors and yoga beginners
of all ages.

Why are our
videos so good?

• Beginners Yoga
• Quality Pproductions
• Designer Sets
• Real Yoga Students

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Got Questions?
Are you a beginner and want
to be sure yoga is right for you?
Read Susan's personal
responses to these questions
and more...

Embracing Menopause
A Path to Peace & Power

Embracing Menopause™ is
a special gift to women in transition!
Join Susan in a soothing yoga class designed to naturally ease
the process of menopause.
Relax, reassess and honor the
“wise woman”
that is emerging within you.

Gentle Yoga for Beginners!

Forget about those intimidating pretzel poses...
our award-winning viedos are designed for people of all ages
regardless of your physical conditioning..

Basic Series 1
Very easy...
Created for boomers,
and beginners
of all ages regardless
of physical condition.
Basic Series 2
This class is designed
as a progressive
of Basic Series 1.
Basic Series 3
Not quite as easy...
This more advanced
class is best suited for
younger or more
flexible students.
Highly-Acclaimed Chair Yoga Program
Nine effective seated yoga sequences for the desk- or chair-bound;
For folks with limited mobility, travelers, truckers, office workers...

Dr. Andrew Weil on Seated Yoga:
The numerous benefits include increased strength and flexibility, improved circulation, and experience with breathing and relaxation techniques.

MP3 Yoga

Yoga for the Young at Heart will introduce you to the ease, beauty, and benefits of yoga
and improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual well being."
— Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D.

"...all the little things you need to do to keep yourself healthy and vital at any stage of your life.
Take the time to treat yourself to the gems in Yoga for the Young at Heart by Susan Winter Ward."
— Rodney Yee, Author, 'Yoga: The Poetry of the Body'

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