Accessible Yoga for Every Body

Basic Series 2

Are you intimidated by all those hard-bodied pretzel poses, but have been wondering how you can take advantage of the life enhancing benefits of yoga?

Join Susan’s yoga class of “silvering” Baby Boomers for a gentle,AwardSticker-Winner relaxed and effective yoga experience. This beautifully-produced video, the second in the our Basic Series, will encourage you to new levels of strength and flexibility. Although intended as the second in a series of three progressive video classes, Accessible Yoga for Every Body is well suited for beginners of any age, with or without previous experience in yoga.

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Join with this Baby Boomer class of “regular people” as they inspire you to stretch and breathe your way to vitality and health. If they can do it, you can too! Susan guides this class with clarity of instruction and a sequencing of poses that will surprise you with what you can do. Start experiencing the many benefits of yoga. Regardless of your age and physical condition, you can begin right now. See how easy it can be to build strength, increase flexibility and support a healthier, more balanced and peaceful life.


  1. Both beginning and challenging adaptations of each pose are shown… The background music and setting are soothing and Ward encourages students to use mental pictures to expand their movements. Neophyte yoga practitioners will appreciate the clear instructions and gentle pacing.

  2. I really enjoyed your “Accessible Yoga for Every Body” video. You were so clear and beautiful to watch. Your students were also very good. Beautiful video. Thank you.

  3. Your products are great – I’m using Accessible Yoga and the other DVD’s I bought with a lot of pleasure!

  4. Thank you for making the Yoga for the Young at Heart videos that I can do!

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