Embracing Menopause

A Yoga Path to Peace and Power

It’s your time to shine!

AwardSticker-WinnerHonoring menopause, the beginning of an important life transition for boomers, is the overriding theme of this inspirational and empowering yoga program. It is a perfect way to re-dedicate yourself to health and vitality through the menopause transition.

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Throughout Embracing Menopause: A Path to Peace and Power, Susan Winter Ward encourages you to be centered, energetic and loving during the menopause process and into your next 50 years! Susan challenges the commonly held paradigm of aging as the end of beauty and creativity. The menopause journey is a beginning, a time to celebrate your maturity. In this acclaimed program you will find support in becoming more powerful and energetic, less fearful and more accepting. Through this yoga program, you can own your highest vision of yourself. In this award-winning program, Susan explains the benefits of yoga for healthy aging, guides breathing, and offers easy alternative and restorative poses, accompanied by Medwyn Goodall’s inspirational music, “Medicine Woman.”


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your Embracing Menopause video. It is a visual delight –you look serene and beautiful! I especially appreciated your opening and closing comments. You do an excellent job teaching by example and your video is a real treat to practice with for a menopausal woman like myself.

  2. I’m becoming hooked to your yoga for menopause video, I looooove the sequencing… thanks for letting me know about this!

  3. … Susan Ward’s video is fantastic. She presents a one hour 
hatha class with REAL WOMEN (i.e. all shapes, sizes and 
conditions). They ease in gently and ease out gently and the
 session is not difficult to do even for a beginner.”

  4. Great instruction in an excellent routine that stretches and strengthens your entire body…. This program is so good that we recommend it even for men and women who are not going through menopause.

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