Sitting Fit Anytime

Highly Acclaimed Chair Yoga Program

Build strength and flexibility regardless of physical condition. For anyone with limited ambulatory ability, Sitting Fit Anytime™ offers excellent guidance to improve health and vitality with chair yoga, also known as seated yoga.


Yoga for the Young at Heart was honored to have had Sitting Fit Anytime featured by by Dr. Andrew Weil, in Self Healing Magazine, as an example of effective seated yoga.

Sitting Fit Anytime introduces you to breathing, stretching, and strengthening poses that gently bring your body to new levels of fitness, increasing circulation and energizing the body to assist in healing. Even those confined to bed can benefit from the deep and controlled breathing instruction offered in this program. Deep breathing strengthens the respiratory system, cleanses and oxygenates the body, and brings a sense of deep relaxation.

Sitting Fit Anytime offers nine different segments ranging in time for from one to seven minutes each, including a closing meditation to end your practice with a sense of increased well-being.

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VIDEO CONTENTS Total running time: 43 minutes  
Introduction    by Susan Winter Ward 1:13 minutes
Session 1 Breathing 3:10 minutes
Session 2 Head, Neck and Shoulders 6:13 minutes
Session 3 Hands and Wrists 7:18 minutes
Session 4 Arms and Upper Back 6:25 minutes
Session 5 Hips and Lower Back 7:32 minutes
Session 6 Hamstrings and Forward Bends 5:09 minutes
Session 7 Abdominals 3:43 minutes
Session 8 Feet 1:54 minutes
Session 9 Meditation 2:26 minutes
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With your physician's approval, you will benefit from Susan’s adaptation of yogic breathing and gentle seated poses. Seated yoga can build your strength and flexibility, and can provide you with the opportunity to progress to more challenging poses. For example, you can increase your upper body range of motion with arm raises to strengthen the upper body, boost circulation, and stretch the intercostal, shoulder, arm and hand muscles. Upper body twists hydrate the spinal discs, increase flexibility, and can help to cleanse the body's organs. Note: If you have any physical impairments or limitations, please be sure to check with your physician before using this or any of Susan's programs.


  1. Susan Winter Ward has gathered together a series of seated yoga postures designed to be done ‘right where you are.’ For most of us, that’s in a chair and these movements are perfect for the desk jockey.

  2. …a full seated yoga program from head to toe

  3. Thank you. I have done Sitting Fit & I feel good already. 
This is excellent for me being a Senior. I will treasure this video and not leave it out of my sight.

  4. I absolutely LOVE my “Sitting Fit Anytime video!!! I use it ALL the time. My sitting-at-the-computer-all-day neck aches have improved/disappeared.

  5. I travel a lot and with Sitting Fit! I can do yoga on those long airline flights, on trains, and in buses… anywhere I find a chair!

  6. Susan Winter Ward is an amazing instructor. I was so out of shape when I started yoga 9 months ago. I am amazing myself with the results. I immediately connected with my yoga instructor and am able to take classes with her twice a week. After seeing my results I thought I could do even better if I practiced my yoga at least every other day. After trying 6 other dvds I was recommended to Susan by a lady in my class. These dvds make you feel as if you are in an actual class at the studio. Susan has a calming and inspirational way of instructing. She explains every move so anyone can understand. The other dvds I purchased are pretty cold, clinical and difficult to follow. Perhaps I will use them at a later date. For now I have all three of Susan’s and will continue to use them on the days when I’m not attending my live classes. I HIGHLY recommend all three of Susan’s dvds to anyone who wants to transform their mind and body at ANY age. If you are just starting do only what you can. You will make steady improvement and be thrilled by the results.

  7. Finally got time to check your Sitting Fit video out and it is fantastic!!! I am so proud of you. I have seen other yoga videos and yours is by far the very best. The images are great, the sound is clear and the yoga is wonderful.

  8. Your Sitting Fit CD is a great idea, and you did a fantastic and artistic job in producing such a useful tool for folks with busy lives. The stretches, which can be done at work or at home from chairs, really brings yoga to the average person, I applaud your efforts! The seamless and high quality video/audio was the best I have seen.

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