Yoga for the Young at Heart

Basic Series 1

The Video that Started it All!

“If you’re breathing, you can do yoga” says Susan Winter Ward, who encourages us to recognize that regardless of our level of fitness, we can begin a yoga practice from our own unique starting point. Self awareness and acceptance are integral to this gentle instructional program for beginners of all ages.

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The focus of Yoga for the Young at Heart is honoring the “beginner's mind,” gently introducing the body/mind to the yoga experience. Through yoga, you will improve your health, strength, flexibility and a sense of inner serenity. Especially for beginners over 50, these gentle stretching exercises compose a “flowing yoga” class, linking the poses together in a continuous sequence that allows the student to access stretches gently and naturally. You will join Susan in a senior yoga class with four students ranging in age from 45 to 80 years young. Just under one hour in length, the pace is easy. The "vinyasa" style of yoga that inspires Susan's classes flows seamlessly from pose to pose. Susan encourages beginners to pause whenever they feel the need, as yoga should always feel good and never hurt. » Click HERE to order from Amazon After you have mastered Yoga for the Young at Heart (Basic Series 1), Susan has also produced Basic Series 2 and 3 to continue the journey toward achieving your own best level of strength and fitness.  See also: >> Basic Series 2 >> Basic Series 3


  1. Susan Winter Ward presents one of the most gentle
    and compassionate entries for the beginning student into
    the grace-filled world of hatha yoga.

  2. … this video … has hit another bull’s-eye.

  3. Yoga kept me from getting lethargic, toned up my muscles.
    I have recommended Yoga for the Young at Heart
    to my sister who is in her 70s.

  4. Yoga for the Young at Heart definitely makes me feel better.
    It improves my overall well-being.

  5. I now practice 3 times a week using Susan’s video. Yoga has meant so much to me. Every morning before getting out of bed I do 6-7 yoga positions. It’s become a ritual. My body asks for it. It’s like brushing my teeth. It’s what my body wants. It has a lot to do with being in balance. I feel more oneness with the environment, with my surroundings. My whole outlook on life has improved. I thank Susan so much for what she’s done for me.

  6. “Yoga for the Young at Heart” delivers simplicity and depth, ease, practicality, and exercise for Every Body and Mind. Susan Winter Ward once again brings her grace, style and patience into form easily available to everyone.

  7. Susan’s video is uniquely appropriate for older people or those with physical limitations. I have tried numerous other yoga classes and videos. Susan’s stands out from all the others. It’s by far the best. Susan’s tape is a God-send!

  8. I am so impressed with your materials. Yesterday Scott and I watched and participated in your Yoga for the Young at Heart video. WE LOVED IT! Scott is someone who has been doing yoga for over 6 years, 2 hours a day, and he really enjoyed your video and thinks you are a great teacher. I have given up on yoga 3 or 4 times because I always felt intimidated. I love the way you gently walk us through reminding us to breathe again and again. I’M HOOKED!

  9. … I just love doing your yoga lesson, within a few days of practice I noticed that my face is more relaxed, I have less wrinkles and a fresher look – besides I use to clench my jaw but I am starting to relax and do better. Thank you for your great work.

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