Yoga is Like Sex!

Yoga is like sex. You can read about it, hear about it, and watch other people do it, but until you experience it first hand, yourself, you don't really get it. So what's the excitement all about? Why is yoga showing up everywhere from auto ads to executive meetings? Why are airlines presenting it to their passengers and why is it featured on Oprah? Kids are doing it in schools; buff athletes … Read More

Welcome to the World of Yoga

When I “discovered” yoga, in 1990 in Southern California, it was just coming into the awareness of the Western World. I remember someone asking me what I did and when told them I was a yoga teacher, they said, “How can you teach that, isn’t it something you eat?” Seriously! Yoga? Yogurt? I guess they’re easy to mix up. Both were associated with the “flower child” element, certainly not … Read More

Yoga: Adding Balance to Your Life

Yoga: What is it all about? For 5,000 years, yoga has been a path to good health and conscious living. Would you like to increase your physical vitality, mental clarity, and heighten your spiritual awareness? Regardless of your age or physical condition, yoga can bring you these benefits. Yoga is training in listening to our bodies. By tuning in through awareness of our breath, through … Read More

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